Active, positive and people-focused communication significantly increases the productivity and success of your company since it influences the well-being, motivation, quality of the work and effective workflow of the team.

In our workshops we make people aware of the importance of communication. They learn and enhance the conscious use of various communication techniques according to their goals and the profile of the person or people with whom they are communicating.

We offer individual and group formats with several types of exercises, debates and role plays with and without films.  Some of our themes:

Positive Communication | Being an Ambassador for Your Company | Communication that Sells | Practising Company Values | Feedback and Feedforward | The Art of Welcoming | Leadership Communications | Communicating and Integrating

What is special about our training?

  • We create a light, positive and engaging environment that stimulates learning
  • We bring people in from the individual starting point
  • The participants learn how to apply the techniques and the advantages of a learning by doing dynamic
  • We develop specific training to suit the reality of the client company
  • The exercises and role plays reflect the daily challenges of the participants in the company


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