positive energy team spirit competitiveness commitment fair-play passion productivity vision pragmatism originality focused on finding solutions quality and accuracy innovation continuous improvement flexibility responsability

At BUSS Comunicação we foster all these values within our team and when communicating with our clients, journalists and partners.

Strong points

  • Multicultural abilities
  • International experience
  • Strategic consultancy
  • Solutions in pt, de, en
  • Proactivity and passion
  • Success driven

With our great reaction capacity, flexibility, know-how and clear focus on success you can always rely on us to be – always fully committed.


With this workshop by BUSS Comunicação our teams felt a refreshing breeze. Our collegues have now the tools that they need to provide a positive, innovative and excellent service. BUSS Comunicação certainly gave a great contribution to the development of our collegues, especially for the importance that communication assumes as an art.

António Pinto Director of Human Resources do Lisbon Marriott Hotel | 2018