Schnellecke - Delegação Norte 2 | Crédito Foto: Luís Albuquerque

Schnellecke launches its North Delegation

Thanks to good contacts that Buss Comunicação has in Greater Porto, we managed to stage a press conference with seven journalists at the inauguration event on July 5th, 2012 at Trofa. We created a total concept and provided integrated consultancy services.

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Roca Lisboa Gallery - Mar de Aral | Crédito Foto: Roca

Isabel Coixet inaugurates exhibition at RLG

In February 2012 we welcomed 20 journalists to the launch of the exhibition “Aral Sea” by the film maker Isabel Coixet. We created, put on and chaired the event and hosted a press conference.

Cineasta Isabel Coixet apresenta exposição no Roca Lisboa Gallery

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Filkemp grows 18 per cent

In January 2012, we publicised Filkemp S.A.’s 18 per cent growth – the largest world supplier of synthetic monofilaments with applications for textile manufacturing, agriculture and fishing lines among other things, through mailing. We produced a press release which highlighted an interview with the company’s CEO. We sent out a press release with photos, targeting specific journalists, delivering a prompt and timely service which was, of course, customised.

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Terreno da central no Pinhal Novo | Foto: Luís Coelho

Donauer invests in a new solar panel

In January 2012 we publicised the construction of a new four megawatt photovoltaic centre or solar panel park at Pinhal Novo. Donauer Solar Systems has invested ten million euros in this project. We undertook personalised mailing for national and regional media, sending out the press release and photos that we took with our on-site photographer.

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Inauguration of FINS Club

In December 2011 we made the most of a visit by Australia’s premier celebrity fish and seafood chef Steven Snow who presented his FINS Club at Quinta Magnólia. Not only did we host the event at Malveira da Serra, where the gourmet club is based, we had 16 journalists thanks to our excellent contacts at a highly original concept event which ran seamlessly from start to finish.

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