«You have a very practical and matter-of-fact way of approaching problems. This pragmatism will make your professional life very complicated», predicted her university lecturer in Political Sciences, Everhard Holtmann on learning that young student Silke Buss wanted to change the theme of an essay. She was to analyse a political party. However, in the meantime the party was suddenly disbanded and the student saw no sense in pursuing the project further.

It was with this sense of pragmatism and pro-activity that Silke Buss founded BUSS Communicação in 2001 and she continues to run the communications agency with the same spirit to this day.

Silke Buss is PR and coach. Since 2015 she is also a qualified mediator, trained at the University of Applied Sciences of Koblenz. She has a PhD in Theatre Sciences and Media and a Masters degree in Political Science and Iberian Studies from the University of Erlangen. In addition, she gained a scholarship to the Institute of Journalism IFP in Munich, where each year 15 scholarships are offered to University students in Germany.

In 1997 she moved to Portugal where she was overseas correspondent for the German newspaper Die Welt and newsmagazine Der Spiegel.

Silke Buss owes her multiculturalism to her time spent at the Luso-German College Bardel, Germany that she joined when she was 10 years old. She also speaks 5 languages (German, Portuguese, English, French and Spanish).

Andreia Félix supports the team at BUSS Comunicação with competence, proactivity and passion since the beginning of 2012. She has a degree in Journalism from the Higher School of Social Communication, Lisbon, she is a NLP Master, Certified Coach and Trainer. Andreia Félix, born in Matosinhos, has a wealth of experience in various areas of communications – as a press and radio journalist, as head of sales teams, as a theatre actress and as a coach – she has a creative flair, is adaptable, proactive and focused on success.


In addition to feeling a true partnership in the press advisory and social media work carried out by BUSS Comunicação, the professionalism of its team, the proactive and enthusiastic way of tackling each issue and its full understanding of the DNA and values of FUCHS are worth to be highlighted. The result is an enormous satisfaction with the work and results achieved.

André Castro Pinheiro Head of Automotive Division FUCHS Portugal | 2021

BUSS Comunicação: Efficient and creative communication.

Paul Cezanne CEO FUCHS Portugal | 2021

BUSS Comunicação designed a bespoke workshop on values for GYANT which catered to the needs of its Porto team, the results of which had an immediate practical application and contributed towards a fresh perspective on the dynamic of professional relations between colleagues.

André Leite Program manager GYANT EU | 2020

With the BUSS Comunicação conflict management workshop we were able to easily put elementary conflict management concepts into practice when managing teams on a daily basis, even though at GYANT we have teams in different places: San Francisco and Porto.

André Leite Program manager GYANT EU | 2020

With this workshop by BUSS Comunicação our teams felt a refreshing breeze. Our collegues have now the tools that they need to provide a positive, innovative and excellent service. BUSS Comunicação certainly gave a great contribution to the development of our collegues, especially for the importance that communication assumes as an art.

António Pinto Director of Human Resources do Lisbon Marriott Hotel | 2018

The workshops we did with BUSS Comunicação were: refreshing, motivating, energetic, enriching, interactive, positive and… recommendable.

Mark D. Wender Managing Director of Jungheinrich Portugal | 2017

The enthusiasm of team BUSS Comunicação convinced us to ask them to support us in preparing the path of change for our salesforce and dealers. The high energy level combined with professionalism and a good dose of creativity helped us in getting our key messages across in an original way. Key take aways were well understood by our dealers, and our sales team was well prepared to achieve our objectives.

Mark Huijsmans General Manager of Miele in Portugal | 2015

Focused on the goal, always full of energy and ideas, that’s how I know BUSS Comunicação. It was also like this at our joint event with the mixing of cocktails by our head barman - full of energy, very tasteful and memorable.

Elmar Derkitsch General Manager of Lisbon Marriott Hotel | 2015

FISIPE, S.A. was acquired by the SGL Group in April of 2012. Since then, BUSS Comunicação has accompanied us, providing public relations and internal communication services. BUSS Comunicação always convinces us here, again and again, with creativity, flexibility, as well as by the broad spectrum of services. We are informed, for example, on the topics that interest us by BUSS Comunicação, through the regular, fast and accurate clipping service. Sticking to the motto “ never change a winning team ” we always resort to their services.

Stefan Seibel General Manager of Fisipe, S.A. – SGL Group – The Carbon Company | 2015

BUSS Comunicação has performed a key role in managing Schnellecke Portugal's communications with the outside world. We made the right decision when we chose BUSS Comunicação which has proved an added asset to our company.

Fernando Oliva General Manager, Schnellecke Portugal, Lda. | 2014

I really appreciate our collaboration with BUSS Comunicação because this agency is a true partner. When a project doesn't run as initially planned, which can always happen, BUSS Comunicação proactively comes up with solutions in order to get the right outcome.

Dr. Gregor Zemp Secretary-General, The Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Portugal | 2014

BUSS Comunicação has developed a publicity project for our Institute over the past two years at the community of Portuguese Speaking Countries level. This is a communication company that stands out for the excellence of its supplied services, one which takes into account the professionalism, creativity and demanding attitude that the market we're operating in insists upon.

Fernando Tonim President, The International Institute for Arbitration and Mediation | 2013

BUSS Comunicação: Team: professional in every aspect. Missions: accomplished. Scores: always convincing.

Günter Binder Corporate Communications, General Dynamics European Land Systems | 2013

Their dedication, professionalism, enthusiasm, and contagious friendliness not to mention a capacity to take on board the client's needs, turning their ideas into concrete communication projects which are objective and always delivered on time, makes BUSS Comunicação a valuable communications and public relations partner.

Ana Cristina Arnedo Manager, Donauer Solar Systems, Lda. | 2013

BUSS Comunicação has been a very effective partner since we discovered them in 2006. I highly recommend them as a communication partner.

Anne Taylor President, American Club of Lisbon | 2013

Schenker recently needed to promote a new product. From among the various options we had, we chose BUSS Comunicação and were really impressed. Our experience of this type of organisation was limited, but BUSS Comunicação really pulled out all the stops and organised a perfect event, an opinion shared both internally and outside. We don't have to waste time now, we'll choose Buss Comunicação for our next project....why change when you've got a winning team?

Jorge Carvalho Director Sales & Marketing, Schenker, S.A. | 2012

Making the impossible possible and in lightning time - this flexibility/spontaneity shown by BUSS Comunicação was what most impressed me.

Viktor Gschwender Managing Partner, FINS Club | 2012

Our collaboration with BUSS Comunicação has shown us, from the very start, the importance of using public relations. Thanks to BUSS Comunicação's excellent contacts with both Portuguese and foreign media, such as Deutsche Welle, we've been able to present our work to a much wider public. In this way many important doors have been opened for us: We've succeeded in winning new clients and sparking the interest of relevant institutions. Silke Buss's work is second to none in its clarity and swift delivery

Wolfgang Kemper CEO, Filkemp, S.A. | 2012

Throughout my time as Ambassador to Portugal, the Embassy has also had good contacts with Mrs. Silke Buss who I found to be a spokesperson with boundless energy, a professional with an open mind and innovative approach. With so much drive and energy she was always interested in new projects, thereby ensuring the success of all her activities under way.

Dr. Hans-Bodo Bertram German Ambassador to Portugal from 2001 to 2006 | 2012